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The Health Centre Pharmacy

Know your Medicine, Know your Pharmacist.


At the Health Centre Pharmacy we go to great lengths to provide the best quality traditional pharmacy services that you can rely on and new innovative services to help you be healthier... now and in the future. Based within the Health Centre at Taylor’s Avenue, the modern pharmacy offers professional services of the highest standard.

A friendly, professional approach and an attractive, comfortable environment help to make your visit to the Healthcentre Pharmacy a better healthcare experience.

Through our “Healthy Living” Services we can help you lead a healthier life by guiding you to understand where you can make simple improvements, one step at a time. By working with your GP and other healthcare professionals we aim to ensure your healthcare is as seamless as possible. Our approach puts you, at the centre of your healthcare.

  • Opening Hours

    Monday - Friday
    8.45 am - 6.00 pm
  • Find Us

    Health Centre pharmacy is located in Carrickfergus,
    click here for map

    Tel: 028 9336 5111