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Do I have to get a Winter flu vaccination every year?

Yes, every year Winter flu is caused by different strains of the virus and the vaccine produced is according to the advice given by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Will the flu vaccine give me flu?

Absolutely not. The World Health Organisation approved vaccine that we use contains no live flu virus so it is impossible to give you the flu.


Can I have the flu vaccine if Iím pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, as long as you pass the eligibility test you can have the flu vaccination.


What are the adverse reactions to the flu vaccination?

Most people donít experience any adverse effects, however the most common side effects are general aches and pains, rash and feeling tired. These will usually go away within a day or two, but if symptoms do persist youíll need to see your GP. But if your arm feels sore apply a cold flannel and take painkillers if necessary, If you have a headache or slight fever, drink plenty of water and take painkillers.


Will having the vaccine hurt?

Discomfort is minimal. The injection is given in the upper arm via a small needle only taking a couple of seconds.


Does the NHS provide flu vaccine?

Yes, but it focuses on specific ďat-riskĒ groups such as the over 65s. Healthy adults only receive a flu vaccine if provided by their employer or if they choose to pay for it privately. 


Does the vaccine protect against colds?

No. The viruses that cause colds are different from the viruses that cause flu. 

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