New Anti Malarial Service

3 June 2013

Anti Malaria Service

We want to make travelling for you and your family as healthy and safe as possible.

If your travelling abroad please ask one of our pharmacists for advice. 

If the country you're visiting is affected by malaria, you should consider malaria prevention medicine.

If you want to find out if a country is affected by malaria please click here.

Some malaria tablets are only available on prescription. However, we can help you get a prescription for any medication, without having to go to your doctor first.

We need to assess your suitability through our online consultation and then we can arrange for you to receive the appropriate prevention treatment. Each person travelling will need to complete the online assessment in order to receive the correct medicine.

What if I am unwell on my return?

Remember to seek immediate medical advice if you have flu-like symptoms when you return or at any time up to a year after you return from travelling.