New-Travel Health and Vaccination Service

13 May 2015

The Health Centre Pharmacy is now offering a complete travel vaccination and malaria service in partnership with MASTA Travel.

Our travel health service enables you to get all the travel health information, vaccinations and antimalarials you need to enjoy a healthy trip abroad.

The convenience of a variety of appointment times, ensure that you can receive the vaccinations and anti-malarials required at the pharmacy, at times that suit you. 

You will receive a MASTA Travel Health Brief which ensures you are fully aware of the additional health risks of travelling to your destinations as well as the vaccination requirements.

If necessary one of our fully trained pharmacists at the Health Centre Pharmacy can administer any vaccines that you may require.

* service is not available for children under 5 years. 

What do you need to do next?

Simply click on this link to enter details of your trip into our quick check tool and find out whether malaria prevention medication is recommended for your trip and which vaccinations should be considered. We offer a number of different types of malaria prevention medication and vaccinations including Yellow Fever. You will then be able to make a telephone appointment with a specially trained travel nurse at a time to suit you.