Position: Delivery Driver

Jamie is our delivery manager and driver. With his friendly demeanor and dedication to exceptional service, Jamie ensures that our patients who receive deliveries have a positive and seamless experience.

As a trained medicines delivery driver, Jamie possesses the necessary expertise to handle and deliver medicines safely. Patient safety is his top priority, and he diligently follows protocols and best practices to ensure the secure and timely delivery of medications.

Jamie utilises the most up-to-date IT delivery solutions, enabling him to efficiently manage and track deliveries. With these advanced systems, he ensures that each delivery is well organised, monitored, and reaches the intended recipient promptly.

Beyond his technical skills, Jamie's friendly and approachable nature has made him well-liked by our patients. He understands the importance of building trust and fostering positive relationships. Jamie goes the extra mile to provide excellent customer service, addressing any concerns or queries that patients may have during the delivery process.

With Jamie as our delivery manager, our patients can trust that their medications will be safely and reliably delivered. His dedication, expertise, and use of modern IT solutions contribute to the seamless operation of our delivery services.


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