• Jonathan Lloyd
    Jonathan Lloyd
    Superintendent Pharmacist

    Jonathan is the pharmacy owner.  

    He is a past President of the Ulster Chemists Association and now a director of UCA_NI Ltd.

    He also works for the Health Board as the Lead Clinical Pharmacist on the East Antrim Intergrated Care Partnership. 

  • Adam Bartholomew
    Adam Bartholomew
    Pharmacy Manager / Pharmacist

    Adam is the manager of the pharmacy.

    He is tasked with the day-to-day running of the business.

  • Gayle Craig
    Gayle Craig

    Gayle is a Pharmacist.

    She specialises in adherence and adherence solutions and leads the Pill Pac Plus team within the pharmacy.

    Gayle also works integrating pharmacy services with many community groups in Carrickfergus.


  • Rachael McMahon
    Rachael McMahon

    Rachael is a Pharmacist.

    Rachael specialises in end of life care and is the lead palliative care pharmacist within the pharmacy. 

  • Grace Devine
    Grace Devine

    Grace is a Pharmacist.

    Grace manages the repeat prescription service within the pharmacy. 

  • Lorraine Millar
    Lorraine Millar
    Medicines Counter & Dispensary Assistant

    Lorraine is a Medicines Counter Assistant & Dispensary Assistant.

    She specialises in the repeat prescription service and online ordering service. 


  • Fiona Rodgers
    Fiona Rodgers
    Medicines Counter & Dispensary Assistant

    Fiona is a Counter Assistant and a Dispensary Assistant.

    Fiona manages stock control and liaises with the nurses within the healthcentre. 




  • Emma Templeton
    Emma Templeton
    Medicines Counter Assistant & Dispensary Assistant

    Emma is a counter assistant and a dispensary assistant.

    She manages the delivery service and also specialises in the repeat medicines service.  


  • Shannon McCausland
    Shannon McCausland
    Pharmacy Assistant

    Shannon is a pharmacy assistant.

    She helps manage the robot stock control.

  • Joanne Wallace
    Joanne Wallace
    Medicines Counter Assistant

    Joanne is a medicines counter assistant.

    She leads the counter team within the pharmacy. 

  • Carly Edge
    Carly Edge
    Medicines Counter Assistant

    Carly is a medicines counter assistant.

    She specialises in over the counter stock control. 


  • Jamie Edens
    Jamie Edens
    Delivery Driver

    Jamie is the lead delivery driver within the pharmacy delivery team.

    He specialises using the courier app allowing managed delivery.  


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