Nominating your Pharmacy

By nominating The Health Centre Pharmacy at your GP practice as your preferred choice for your prescription, you can enjoy several benefits.

Firstly, you can save time and effort by avoiding unnecessary trips to your GP to collect your prescription. Instead, your GP can send your prescription directly to us, so it's ready for you when you need it.

You can also benefit from our online ordering system, which allows you to order your medicines from the comfort of your own home. Whether you choose to collect or have your medicines delivered, we make the process easy and convenient for you.

If you collect your prescription, we can now text you when everything is ready. This can reduce any medication owed and reduce waiting times in the pharmacy.

In addition, by nominating The Health Centre Pharmacy, we can provide you with additional support and advice to help you manage your medicines more efficiently. Our team of pharmacists and healthcare professionals are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance on medication management.

Overall, nominating The Health Centre Pharmacy can help make managing your medicines easier, more convenient, and more efficient, allowing you to focus on your health and well-being.

Click here to nominate the Healthcentre Pharmacy as your preferred choice. 

Once you nominate the Health Centre Pharmacy we can help you manage your medicines.

If you nominate us we think we can provide an excellent service.

  1. Online ordering - If you are struggling to get through on the phone you can order your medicines on our website and request collection or delivery.
  2. Delivery -we can deliver your medicines to your door. *£3.00 charge.
  3. If you collect, we can let you know once your medicines are ready by sending you a text message or email.
  4. If you struggle to organise your medicines we can provide solutions such as Pill Pac Plus to organise your tablets into pouches. *subject to availability.
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